All about our Treats


Some things we'd like you to know about our treats:

We make our treats with our own blend of gluten free flours.

We use dairy free spreads, healthy oils, non-refined sugars, syrups, vegetables, flowers, fruits, spices, herbs, seeds, nuts, grains, cocoa, chocolate and coffee.

We don't use any of the added chemicals or preservatives that mass produced gluten free products use (this is what makes them dry and so unhealthy).

We don't use any sweeteners or any white refined sugars.

We are an ethical company so use wholesome ingredients which are fair trade, organic, seasonal and local, wherever possible.

All our treats are made on receipt of order; we do not store and never freeze our treats.

We do not buy any ingredients where they may be cross contaminated with gluten / wheat products.

Our kitchen does not use gluten flours or dairy. We also keep our eggs and nuts separate to avoid contamination.

You don't have to have any allergies to eat our treats. Our customers eat our treats before they realise they are gluten, wheat, dairy free or vegan. After all, with treats it's the taste that matters.

We won't offer any item for sale until it tastes right.

We care about our environment so all our packaging is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.​

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